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Product Name:Instant Oats β-glucan Product characteristics:good dispersibility, complete dissolution at room temperature Ingredients:- Parameters:Instant Oats β-glucan(high vis

Instant Oats β-glucan(high viscosity)

β-(1→3,1→4) glucan in oats is a non-starch polysaccharide which is free of aldehyde groups and is present in the cell wall of oat endosperm and aleurone layer. It is white or light yellow. The powder has a certain water solubility (not dissolved at room temperature, completely dissolved at 70 ° C), and has no absorption peak at a wavelength of 190 to 870 nm. Among the cell wall components of oat endosperm and aleurone layer, β-glucan accounts for more than 85%. Oat β-glucan is a short-chain dextran with a relatively small molecular weight, and its relative molecular mass varies from 5300 to 257,200.
Oat beta-glucan is widely used, it has the functions of lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, enhancing immunity, anti-cancer function, improving intestinal and beauty.
Oat beta-glucan (high viscosity) fast-dissolving principle: the oat β-glucan (high-viscosity) chain hydrogen bond is opened by physical process, so that the oat β-glucan (high-viscosity) molecular chain is arranged in a relatively regular arrangement. 

A: Comparison of英仕特® Instant β-Oat Glucan (high viscosity) and ordinary oat β-glucan (high viscosity)
英仕特® Instant Oatmeal β-Glucan (High Viscosity) Common oat β-glucan (high viscosity)
1. Solubility: good dispersibility, complete dissolution at room temperature 1. Solubility: hold unity block, extremely difficult to disperse and dissolve
2. Uniformity: Good 2. Uniformity: Poor
3. Not affected by the production process of the product 3. Its application is subject to process restrictions in the production of the product
4. Good interaction with protein, effectively improve the taste and stability of milk-containing beverages (high fat) 4. Improve the quality of milk beverages in acidic or neutral foods.
B: Features of英仕特® Instant Oat Dextran (High Viscosity)
1. The production process uses physical methods, and the products are safe and reliable.
2.The production process without any additives, no use of alcohol, no solvent residue, no alcohol odor.
3.The product solubility is good, all with good performance, can be completely dissolved at room temperature.
4.Good emulsifying properties, help to improve the quality of acidic or neutral milk-containing beverages.



英仕特® Instant β-Oat Glucan (high viscosity) dissolve in water.