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Product Name:Instant agar Product characteristics:Instant agar is a low-temperature fast-dissolving,food-grade agar.50 ° C -75 ° C, dissolved completely within 3 to 5 minutes Ingredients:- Parameters:-

Instant agar

Instant agar is a low-temperature fast-dissolving,food-grade agar.
Agar is a linear water-soluble fiber composed mainly of b-D-galactose and (1-3) and 3,6-anhydro-a-L-galactose (1-4) which are repeatedly constructed by disaccharide units.The principle of agar quick dissolution: the agar chain is hydrogen-bonded by a physical process, so that the agar molecular chains are arranged in a relatively regular manner.
A: Comparison of英仕特® Instant Agar and common Agar
英仕特® Instant Agar Common Agar
1. Solubility: 50 ° C -75 ° C, dissolved completely within 3 to 5 minutes 1. Solubility: 100 ° C, dissolved completely about 10 minutes
Transparency:Clear in  50 ° C -75 ° C Transparency:poor in 50 ° C -75 ° C
3. Not affected by the production process of the product 3. Its application is subject to process restrictions in the production of the product
4. Good interaction with protein, effectively improve the taste and stability of foods and beverages such as yogurt. 4. Improve the quality of food and beverages such as yogurt.
B: Features of Instron Instant Agar:
1. The production process uses physical methods, and the products are safe and reliable.
2, the production process without any additives, no use of alcohol, no solvent residue, no alcohol odor.
3. The production process is subjected to pressure filtration, centrifugation and other processes to completely remove impurities (inorganic salts and non-agar portions) in the raw materials, and the product has high purity.
4, product transparency, solubility, can be dissolved at 50 ° C -75 ° C.
5. The product has a special product and different agar material to obtain agar products with different uses and characteristics, and the product has strong adaptability.
6.Application in yogurt and other products, the taste is smooth, No sense of particle, no roughness.

英仕特® agar has characteristicof thickening, gel,suspension stability, superior flavor release and improved mouthfeel. It also has the health care function of dietary fiber supplement and is widely used in various fields.

First, the application in yogurt:
Taste: good mouth solubility, refreshing, fine and not rough, no drawing, no graininess. The flavor is released well: it does not obscure the flavor release of the product itself. Agar has a lipid-reducing function, and the production of "zero fat", "low fat", "no sugar" and other products can significantly increase the product's fat and smoothness. Status: Stacking, short structure. Shear resistance: Effective against mechanical shearing and good late viscosity recovery. Usage: A small amount of addition can significantly improve the quality of the yogurt and ensure the taste and flavor of the yogurt. Superior water retention: Agar's self-water absorption rate can reach 250 times its own weight. Stability: Since agar has a certain hysteresis at the freezing point and melting point (solidification at around 40 °C, dissolution at around 85 °C), agar is currently a better colloid that ensures a constant viscosity of yogurt. When the yoghurt is made by the ordinary stabilizer, the viscosity changes greatly at low temperature and normal temperature, and the viscosity at normal temperature decreases. The consistency of agar with temperature can be well maintained.
Second, the application in jelly pudding: Natural and safe seaweed plant polysaccharide Easy to disperse, good solubility (soluble at 85 ° C), strong gel. Depending on the amount added, a soft, hard and brittle texture can be formed. Synergy with other colloids. The gel begins to form at 35-40 ° C and the gel melts above 85 ° C.
Third, the application in liquid beverages:
1 has a thickening stabilizing effect, compared with other adhesion-promoting colloids, non-sticky mouthfeel, with a small amount of addition to provide a full and refreshing taste of the product.
2 has superior flavor release, does not cover the release of the flavor of the food itself.
3 has a thixotropic viscosity, giving the liquid beverage a thick texture, but the residual taste is small, the throat is good, and the mouthfeel is very smooth.
4 has a certain gelatinity, can form a three-dimensional network structure of a fluid in a solution at a low concentration, has a good suspension property, and causes a good suspension effect of some insoluble components such as protein, fiber, powder component, etc. . And improve the stability of the beverage during the shelf life, to prevent the phenomenon of moisture layer.

Fourth, Application in other areas: 1. It can be used as an additive or extender for pies, as a gel for pastry laces, as well as for French meringues, sugar-coated foods, homemade cookies, and ice cream-style creamy foods. 2, can be used as a stabilizer and filler for many sugar foods such as marshmallows, sugar fruit slices, candy bars and tough and flexible jelly foods. 3. The viscosity of the jam can be increased in the production of jam. 4, can add agar in soft white cheese, creamy milk cake, fermented milk products, help to reduce the wettability of dairy products, improve the consistency and slicing of cheese. 5, can be used as a thickener and gelling agent for poultry meat products and canned aquatic products. 6, can be used as a shape retention agent for semi-solid fluid foods.