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Filter Capsule(oil capsule)——通博牌® Filter Capsule


Cigarette flavoring additives are widely used and play an important role in cigarette flavor compensation. The traditional way of adding flavor and fragrance with the burning of cigarettes, the flavor and fragrance are involved in the burning, and the loss of effective aroma substances may also produce new hazardous substances, which will have a greater impact on the flavoring effect of cigarettes. Filter Capsule(oil capsule) is a brittle capsule enclosing the functional additive and placed in the cigarette filter rod. The consumer can decide to release the contents of the blasting bead when pumping, and the scented substance is brought into the human mouth with the smog and passes the smoke. The influence of gas temperature plays a role, does not participate in combustion, can effectively improve product quality, enrich and improve product style characteristics, improve cigarette smoking safety, and ensure the stability of product functions.  

通博牌®Filter Capsule